What If You Could Follow A Proven Process To Create Landing pages That CONVERT?

I help companies & entrepreneurs convert more visitors into customers through better content and positioning in the web

Do You Make These Mistakes?

If you’re running PPC, Facebook Ads or doing SEO and sending traffic to your homepage – you are murdering money! In order to stop this atrocity and squeeze every last bit of ROI from your traffic, you must create standalone landing pages that guide your customers in taking the number one desired action on your site (sale, lead or phone call).

Bad Content Is Costing You $$$

Potential customers will visit your website and will have a ton of questions/objections. If you don’t answer then, most of them won’t bother to sign up and find out for themselves…

Imagine if you answered those questions… How many more visitors could you be converting!?

Who’s The Conversion Expert In Your Company?

Which one has the copywriting experience? Knows how to explain your product/service properly? And has a proven process?

Which one knows how to sell your product on the website? ☝️

No One. That's Why Clients Hire Me

There’s no official title for someone that is an expert on Landing pages, copy writing and positioning. I spend 100% of my time developing those skills so I can help clients fulfill the need that no one is trained to fill.

Let’s see how I can help YOUR company

What If You Could Rely On An Expert To Guide You?

What if I can guide your team through a proven process so you can save months and MONEY?

Someone With Experience In Conversions & Positioning?

What if I can guide your team through a proven process so you can save months and MONEY?

And you will acquire customers cheaper and faster than your competitors.

Someone Who Has Done it Before!

Someone who knows what works, what doesn’t and has helped many companies before. Here’s a list of my clients 👇

and many more…

Shortcut Your Way To Conversion Success

I can teach your team my proven step-by-step process so you can easily get better results.

Why teach your team?

Because it has a lasting impact. Once your team learns my process you can constantly improve and make changes without my help! 10x more valuable.

And Save You Time + Get You Better Results?

Let’s face it… It will take you months to get your messaging right, IF you ever get there…

Why not take the shortcut and be done within a few weeks?

You Won’t Believe It… This Guy Actually Exists!

Meet your wingman. Purkait is an expert in helping consultants and business owners convert more visitors through better product explanation.

And you can actually call him (FREE!)

Or Learn How I Do It (Free Report)

You Came Here To See Results, Right?

I know you came here to see some social proof so here are some of the kind messages I get from clients.

My Strategies Work For My Clients…

“I began with Social Media help and ended up working with Purkait to develop my website to support my connection with the world. The final project was above my expectations and what I could have done on my own. There was open communication which provided a website with everything I needed and easy for me to update going forward. Highly recommend!”
Amanda Fisher
Fitness Coach
“I decided to hire Purkait because I needed to get the phone to ring. My experience has been really good. The traffic to my website is beyond what I expected ."
Herman Norton
“Purnendu is an expert when it comes to Conversion Rate optimization. He is an expert when it comes to understanding customer psychology and designing landing pages that convert. He redesigned my page after his inputs we saw a drastic increase in visitors along with leads. We are happy we took his advice, and his services were to notch. He is also very quick with his turn around times. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks Purnendu, it was a pleasure working with you "
Hitesh Motwani
Digital Marketing Trainer
"Delivered fast as promised and did a professional output, even though I gave very little information, he did as he well known about us my company. 5/5 Hero"
Mr. Poru
Founder of Sunday Kart

And the strategies also for me as well. You wouldn’t trust someone who couldn’t make it work for his own website, would you?

Don’t Be A Stranger.

“What’s the Next Step?”

Let’s jump on a quick call so I can better understand your situation and recommend you the best solution.

The Goals Of This Call?

– Diagnose your problems and growth opportunities

– See if there’s a fit (in terms of availability, stage, product …)

– Recommend you the ideal solution based on your company, niche, stage and some other factors…

If You Don’t, Someone Else Will!

4 people (on average) call me for projects every week but I only accept 2 per month.

Will You Be One Of Them? 👇